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Scottish Government Consultation

The recently launched ‘Consultation on Supporter Involvement in Scottish Football Clubs’ by the Scottish Government is seeking views on a range of options in relation to supporter involvement.

The SFSA have launched a visual campaign to encourage fans to participate in the consultation which will be posted across fans’ forums and social networks over the next month. The campaign was created by Gerry Farrell Ink, the award winning creative team behind some of Scotland’s most iconic advertising.

Please download the PDFs below for printing or share the images and text on your social media pages.


Buy a hot pie at Greggs and it’ll cost you £1. Buy it in a Scottish football stadium and it’ll cost you £2.50.

A day out at the football costs a fortune these days. The tickets are already overpriced and if one of the big teams is visiting the price gets jacked up again. It’s a rip-off. You’re a captive audience and you’re being taken advantage of.

If you’d like to have a say in the way your club is run, you need to go online and take part in the Scottish Government’s Consultation here:

You’ve got till January 15th 2016 to make your views known.

If you don’t do it now you may not get another chance for decades.

So do it right now. It’ll only take you ten minutes but it could change the game forever.

Download PDF


Do you remember when every football match used to kick off at 3pm on Saturday afternoon? The reason they don’t any more is because the TV companies are calling the shots.

You can live in Inverness and be expected to get to Edinburgh for 12 noon on a Sunday to watch your team play away from home all because it suits the TV executives.

I’m sure there are other things that bug you about the way the game is  run and the way your club is run. Now you have a great opportunity to get it all off your chest. The Scottish Government want to know what you think. They’re running an online Consultation until January 15th 2015:

It’ll take you no more than ten minutes to answer the questions. The  more of us who take part, the louder our voices will be. But if you don’t have your say now, you may not get another chance for decades.

So please, go online now and let’s reclaim the game from the TV companies.

Download PDF


I love my football club. My Dad loved it too. And his Dad before him.

It’s changed ownership over the years. It’s changed managers. And it’s changed players. But it’s still my club and it always will be.

So why do I feel like I’ve absolutely no say in the way it’s run?

Why do I feel ripped off when the ticket price goes up to £25 or £30 for certain games? Why do I feel disrespected when I go to the toilet in our stadium and there isn’t even a hot water tap? Why does a steak pie in the stadium cost £2.50?

Why do games get moved to 12 noon on a Sunday when that kind of scheduling stops our away supporters getting to the ground unless they  get up at seven in the morning?

It’s time the people who run the game in Scotland and the people who run my club reminded themselves that we aren’t just fans. We are paying customers. So it’s good news that the Scottish Government has published  a Consultation inviting every football fan in this country to say what they want for their club.

If you don’t have your say now, you may not get another chance for decades. It’ll take you ten minutes to answer the questions. All you have to do is go online here and type your answers into the boxes.

Let’s take our game back from the blazers.

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