Help Save the 1st Hampden Park Mural

Date: 24th February 2020

We all know that the Scottish game has a long and rich history spanning all the way back to the 1800’s. However it is less known that were in fact 2 different Hampden Parks before the spiritual home of Scottish football was moved to it’s current site.

The Hampden Collection was founded in 2017 to celebrate the unique history of all 3 Hampden Parks.

One of their best pieces of work has been the mural on the site of the 1st Hampden Park, now Hampden Bowling Club.

The 1st Hampden Park is an important part of not just Scottish but world football for many reasons. Built in 1873, it is recognised as the world’s first ever purpose built football stadium and it’s design has been the base for stadia designs ever since. In addition, it was here that the passing game we all know today, was first pioneered.

The historical significance of the 1st Hampden makes it important that we remember this site and the mural is an excellent way of doing this.

The SFSA was horrified to find out that the mural was recently vandalised but is relieved to hear that the Hampden Collection intends to have the mural restored to it’s original condition.

However, they require funds to do this and have set up a just giving page to raise money.

We would encourage anyone that can afford it, to donate and help save this great celebration of our incredible footballing history.

To donate to the Hampden Collection, please go to:

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