A Christmas message for all Scottish Football supporters

Date: 25th December 2015

Dear supporter,

Do you remember when every football match used to kick off at 3pm on Saturday afternoon?

The reason they don’t any more is because the TV companies are calling the shots.

You can live in Inverness and be expected to get to Edinburgh for 12 noon on a Sunday to watch your team play away from home all because it suits the TV executives.

I’m sure there are other things that bug you about the way the game is run and the way your club is run. Now you have a great opportunity to get it all off your chest. The Scottish Government want to know what you think. They’re running an online Consultation until January 15th 2015.

Take part in the Scottish Government’s Consultation here.

It’ll take you no more than ten minutes to answer the questions. The more of us who take part, the louder our voices will be. But if you don’t have your say now, you may not get another chance for decades.

So please, go online now and let’s reclaim the game from the TV companies.

Yours for Scottish football’s fan future,

Gary McAllister

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