Advisory Group


The Scottish Football Supporters Association Advisory Group provides strategic guidance and acts as a sounding board for the Association. The Advisory Group helps ensure that the Association remains true to its mission. The advisory group will play a special role during the initial period following the launch of the Association in helping to promote and provide strategic direction.  This will support SFSA development and help build a significant audience/membership.

Advisory Group Members

Each year an Advisory Group meeting/conference call will be held to review progress, address strategic questions and plan for the coming year. Advisory Group members may also hold additional meetings during the year if particular issues develop that need to be discussed. NB: it is anticipated that the CEO will meet with Advisory Group members and discuss specific issues on an ongoing basis.

Advisory Group members may request to review the SFSA’s budget and financial accounts each year prior to publication. It should be noted that, the Advisory Group is not a formal Board of Directors and does not have any fiduciary responsibility for the Association. This responsibility lies with the Board of Directors of the SFSA.

Advisory Group members’ responsibilities include:

  1. Be available to the CEO and Board to provide experts advice in their own specific area of knowledge.
  2. Participate in at least one meeting/conference call per year and/or attend a fans summit / annual conference
  3. Assist in advancing the goals and mission of SFSA, as appropriate, via public speaking, professional work, and outreach to contact networks.

Terms and Selection:

Members of the Advisory Group serve in their individual capacity for a fixed term of two years, with the possibility of renewal for a second two-year term. At each annual conference/summit the CEO and Chairman, will review the composition of Advisory Group and make recommendations for additions or modifications. The Advisory Group can also recommend new Advisory Group members to the Board to the Board.

Advisory Group members are selected to provide the mix of expertise necessary to support the SFSA and provide representation in the following key categories:

  • Geographic and club diversity
  • Technical, financial, marketing, legal, political, academic and management expertise

Although individual members may be selected because of their role in complementary football related organisations, they serve on the Advisory Group in an individual capacity.  Any Advisory Group members that leave the role before their two year period is complete will be replaced by individuals that can represent their constituency/expertise.