What we do

We see our role as being split into four key areas which may expand depending on what our members wish us to do in the future.

Fan Representation

We believe that having a strong vibrant fans movement allows us to act as a focal point for any organisation to hear the views of Scottish football supporters, be it the media, the Scottish Government or national and international football authorities . Whilst we accept that fans views differ on a range of topics we do hope that we can bring a consensus opinion on the subjects that matter.

Supporting Community Ownership

We believe that our football clubs are best served by having the interests of their community at heart. This means the key stakeholders in the game – the fans – must have their views heard. We believe that the long term future of our game is best served with football supporters playing an ever increasing role in the management and ownership of their clubs. We have a vast experience of the various models across Europe and we will work with any fans group in Scotland to further the democratic aims and ownership objectives they wish to achieve.


Orchestrated campaigns have been sadly lacking in Scotland for many years and the football authorities and many clubs have regularly ignored the will of the paying public when it comes to the implementation of changes in our game. The very fact that there has been no one fans’ organisation to unify the supporters has allowed the football authorities to treat the fans with disdain. It is our intention to campaign as a group on key issues that effect not only how the game is currently run but look to exert pressure to get the authorities to take our views into consideration when they make decisions.


We believe that if we want to improve our game we need to constantly evaluate it and research ways it can improve. Who better to provide the answers than the fans of each of our football clubs. The knowledge, commitment and love that we have for the game has so much value and yet is often dismissed by clubs and  those in authority at Hampden Park..

Already we have proven our worth by consulting in a Parliamentary survey  that looked at gathering fans views on community ownership  and in the coming months and years we will ensure that all aspects our  game are reviewed and analysed.


Organisation Structure…