And so they say

Date: 22nd May 2020

The latest blog from SFSA writer Donald Stewart:

And now, the end is near
so how many face the final curtain?

And so the lockdown is beginning to ease. The way ahead is being mapped out. There is clearly some hope that we have seen the worst.

But have we?

Is it the final curtain for some of our well loved clubs?

We have four stages out of lockdown but what will it mean for football?

Will everyone kiss and make up? Will the people be allowed in to watch the people’s game? Will all the players just be too fat to play? Can we queue for a pie or will they have arrows on the ground in the stadia, like in the supermarkets? Will they disinfect the bibs and cones? Will St Johnstone ever replace Tommy Wright? Will we see two cup finals in 2021? Which, of the 42, shall make way for one of the pyramid clubs to come in as they go bankrupt? Have you bought a Pars facemask yet?

All these and even more questions are making online forums buzz and conversations in the pub heated, but what is happening in the SFA or the SPFL? The groups, committees, and byways of the SFA and the SPFL? Can we see? Do they want us to?


No matter what the issue, the SFSA is about to launch their latest request for you, the fans, to be involved in our own campaigning. There shall be another survey launched to look at what COVID – 19 has done to the game, to YOUR club. We need your views.

The numbers joining us each time we ask is very impressive but any democratic organisation needs its members to be engaged. From that comes legitimacy, we listen, you speak, we campaign and who will listen?

Perhaps question one of any survey should be, has COVID 19 made any difference to the governance of our game…?

I think, though I might already know that answer – keep an eye out for the questions where we might live in jeopardy and there could be some very interesting answers emerge!

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