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Date: 23rd August 2020

The latest blog from SFSA writer Donald Stewart:

I read something this week that made me mad. Not quite as mad as Hearts supporters who thought that decisions were ridiculous over the pause in training or Hibs fans who took to the internet to complain about Hearts fans complaining, but when Ian Maxwell said that he can “fully understand” Hearts anger. I was not even that angry over the lack of an apostrophe in the BBC headline…

Using the type of terminology and thinking that Eric Blair would have approved when he penned 1984, Maxwell claimed that Scottish football “won’t have a leg to stand on” if Covid-19 guidelines are flouted again.

Clearly refusing and unable to name the Hearts players who had caused such a precipice to appear upon our horizons, he continued to tell BBC Sportsound in an astonishing interview that “It’s not decisions we want to make, but circumstances have dictated it.”

I do agree with Maxwell on one thing and that is that I also “absolutely believe” football will be stopped if there are further breaches.

The logic of the Joint Response Group who paused training, however, takes chaos theory to a brand new level. The idea of a butterfly’s wings in the Andes flapping and sending off a hurricane in deepest China has become a few Premiership numpties going on a night out causing the fine part timers of Stenhousemuir to cut their preparations must be only a Friday night away.

Perhaps the SFA and SPFL are looking to becoming the new Justice Department where people shall be tried on behalf of the nation for crimes committed within a 100 mile limit by someone else who is not totally unrelated to them? That could mean that all the people with blue eyes should be corralled for interrogation and charge when a description of the perpetrator is given by a victim or those who were wearing Barcelona tops at 11pm on a certain Saturday evening.

That one football club has to take it in the neck for the actions of the individual employed by another football club is simply scandalous.

What is worse is the fact that whilst the SFA can send someone down to check you have sufficient coaches to take the under 12s and cite you if you do not have people with the correct qualifications, in the midst of a pandemic they are unable to send people to check you are following the government guidelines. But they can fine, censure and punish people for breaches of a code by someone else and then feel as if they can avoid another yellow card.

Because they are in charge.

On Sportsound the other night, Darryl Broadfoot, JRG spokesperson, official or unofficial I am not sure, said that only Scottish football could stop games being played. The Scottish government couldn’t. So then, what does a Red Card from the Scottish Government look like? According to Ian Maxwell the Government can stop football. So, who is right and who is wrong?

The distinct lack of leadership is defined by two things. They had no rules in place for people who breach their own rules and they cannot get the head of one of the organisation to say the same things as the man they bring out to defend the things that they said because they might not or they might or they don’t agree with them. Forget losing sponsorship because companies cannot see their logos on Sky Sports. How many are going to want to be associated with an organisation who could believe that clocks strike thirteen…

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