Are the consequences of gambling the next crisis to hit Scottish Football?

Date: 20th March 2017

Gambling the next crisis to hit Scottish Football?

Gambling is a booming business and the fact are that young men who follow football are the key target market for the Bookmakers. New research that there are Gambling problems for ‘1 in 4 young men’ .

With Scottish football awash with gambling money from a plethora of sponsorship deal you have to wonder how long issues like this will be ignored by the football authorities. The problems are far deeper than having players making bets on games which is not only a serious rule breach but more worrying can lead to the dangers of sporting integrity and the sordid world of match fixing.

The statistics have shown for years that mental health issues in young males have led to suicide being the biggest contributor to deaths in under 30’s. There seems to be an obvious link between depression and addiction. With a
quarter of young men have a gambling problem and GPs should consider screening them for the addiction, researchers say. You have to wonder how long it will be before we see Government intervention and some sort of intervention similar to actions taken with tobacco and alcohol sponsorships in years gone by.

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