Badge wars? Shurely Shome Mishtake?

Date: 20th April 2016


By Donald C Stewart

I am an Ayr United fan and no matter what the Court of Lord Misrule thinks, that club crest of ours shall remain the coat of the club. Right now there is a lot of anger within supporters and supporter’s clubs about the whole badge nonsense. Simply put, because of an ancient ruling about what can be on a crest, clubs have been ordered to sort this out by the Lord Lyon.

This heraldic keeper of all things … heraldic… has already made Airdrieonians change their badge slightly. As with all nonsensical policy changes, this made zero difference to man nor beast. Prior to the change, there was no outcry and the world did not alter its axis.

But why in the name of the wee man, has it ended up in court – what’s the problem?

The problem is that if your club badge displays crowns, a lion rampant, plain English bricks (“castellation”) which look like a turret above a shield, the saltire, a town’s coat of arms or use any letters then it has transgressed this ancient law. Rather than throw your sheep onto the common ground or drown you as a witch, the Lord Lyon simply wants to stop you using that badge.

As from 2016/17 Ayr United shall have a new club crest; others shall probably follow suit. It is, however just daft. The whole thing is nonsense. For decades nobody has objected and now we have one objector, we seem to have a raft of problems for the people who have chanted, sung and bought the replica shirts. Supporters are rightly livid and have called for a reversal of the decision and an abolishing of the Lord Lyon’s power.

Airdrie have been forced to change and Ayr United are in the process of achieving that change. A concerted effort from the collective will of individual supporters would make a difference.

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