Bala Sports fairtrade ball reception

Date: 19th February 2020

The SFSA were recently invited to the Scottish Parliament for Bala Sport’s reception about the use of fairtrade balls in Scottish sport.

The event was well attended, with representatives present from across Scotland’s sporting industries and ethical organisations.

Guest speakers included Jane Cooper, head coach at St.Mirren Women’s Football Club; Colin Smyth MSP and Bala sport’s very own Angus Cann.

For the past 5 years, Bala have supplied fairtrade football, rugby and futsal balls to customers across the globe and have grown to become the UK’s number 1 supplier of fairtrade sports balls.

The event served as an introduction to Bala, as well as a call to action for all of our nation’s sports clubs and governing bodies to make the choice to switch to ethically sourced balls.

For more information on Bala Sports, please follow the link to the Bala website.


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