Barca, Well, Toiletgate, FIFA and the SFA this weeks essential reading

Date: 19th September 2016

That was the football week 7 – 19/9/16 by the SFSA reporting team

A review of all the main talking points you need to reflect on this week.

Barca humble the Scottish Champions

We all marvelled at the brilliance of a rampant Barca side with some of the world’s best players showing their talent against the best that Scotland could offer them. With the abject failure of our Champions on the night all we can do is reflect on just how poor we really are at football in Scotland compared to the best!

Celtic v Rangers business as usual

Following the £100,000 of damage to toilets at Celtic Park there followed infighting and PR spin that resembled a roulette wheel in full motion. It seems to be no end to the drama that surrounds the “Old Firm”. It certainly gave the newspapers the column inches that they desired and meanwhile the rest of Scottish Football tried to ignore it all. Unfortunately, for Celtic and Rangers moves seem to be afoot at Holyrood to ensure that strictly liability is moved up the agenda at Hampden Park. Given that it works across Europe and closer to home in England, it might not be too long before the bad behaviour of fans could result in points being docked from clubs.

Regan efforts to explain his vote

We will never know how the SFA goes about deciding who they are voting for at UEFA and FIFA elections; but it did seem that a vote for Ceferin was not what the SPFL would have wanted. It was an interesting strategy for the SFA to tell us what they were thinking and despite the fact it came after the vote, it has to be a positive that this time around we actually got told who they voted for. Maybe, the next time there can be a debate before these elections so we can all express our views!

Elsewhere- our top picks

Lennon says no to mobiles

Mobile phones are a pain in the neck for many employers and Hibs have told their players to stop bringing them to work. Sadly, it did not have an impact on what happened on the park on Saturday as they lost 1-2 to Ayr United.

Given that the SFA currently backs an English Based fans organisation (Supporters Direct) maybe it will now change its strategy and back a British team in the next Olympics? Watch this space!

Bans for fans challenged by a club

Well done Bristol City for standing up for some of their fans who they believe was wrongly arrested for simply trying to watch an away match. Not sure this would ever happen here in Scotland; but if it did we would hope your club would be fighting for you.

In Europe

As we mentioned above UEFA has a new president so find out a bit more about him by reading this.

At the SFSA this week

• One of our co Founders (Paul Goodwin) has a lot of experience working in community ownership. If you every want him to talk to you fans just get in touch. You can see him talking about the benefits of community ownership here with the Well Society.

• Feature in the Motherwell Programme supporting-our-journey-to-community-ownership/

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• Our Co Founder Paul Goodwin appeared on BBC Radio Scotland talking about “toiletgate” after the old firm match here what he had to say long on to 6 minutes of the iplayer

Published 19/9/16

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