Celtic close in on title

Date: 8th June 2021

Our latest blog from SFSA writer Donald Stewart,covering Glasgow City’s title win following stern competiton from our other two Glasgow clubs.

By the time you read this, the race shall be settled.

Celtic may well have won the league…

Imagine that…

Attempting, as they are, to wrestle the title from the current champions, who are trying to win their 14th successive championship, they need good fortune and the type of luck that champions are sued to having when things are tough. The champions may thwart Celtic at the final day showdown, and the fact is that few people shall be glued to the final day’s round of matches.

Shown on BBC Alba, traditionally, the preserve of “minor” fixtures, the Junior Cup Final, League ½ Championship Play Off Finals and the rest, this will slip people by like the Inter Toto Cup or the Centenary Cup or the SPL cannae quite get a decent sponsor so let’s get a charity on board to make it more palatable knockout competition that shall annoy loads of part time fans because they cannae be bothered to look up how it works, but didn’t Barcelona do this at some point Cup.

The champions, just to make life a little spicier, are up against Rangers whilst Celtic face Motherwell away from home. If Rangers win, they might gift the title to their city rivals… imagine that…

It has been one of the tightest title races for some time, but we shall find little by way of back page headlines come the Monday.

The reason?

Possibly because Scotland have a friendly against Luxembourg that night, potentially it might be due to nobody on a sports news desk being able to give a decent account of the fixtures or it simply may be that people are not that interested, yet in women’s football.

I remember when I became interested, and I shall hold my hands up.

My glory hunting conversion came in 2000/01 when Hugh Flynn went on to coach Ayr United ladies to the title.

I shall be honest.

I have no idea what the title was called and wouldn’t recognise their names of the starting 11 for the final game, if they were tattooed on the inside of my eyelids. I would be similarly hard pushed to tell you who else were in the league at that time, but I know we won it.

I can claim that there was very little about to educate myself at a time when we depended upon newspapers for news and not the social media 24 hours goldfish bowls we daily consume now. But that’s a pathetic excuse. I can claim to have suddenly found myself a glory hunter because we had won something, but that just adds injury to the insult. I have to be honest and say I had little interest in it at all.

And then I met one of the budding footballers at my old school, Mainholm Academy in Ayr during a workshop I was leading to support vulnerable young people to find and work towards their dreams.

Her dream?

To play professional football.

Her chances.


Now, though, there is no excuse. Sure, the likelihood that the numbers who will tune in to the final game of the season on Sunday afternoon to turn down the Gaelic commentary and watch the title come to a conclusion will not really match the numbers who tune in for any of their usual footballing fayre.


We should at least have the back pages filled with it.

The media should surely devote some of their coverage to width and not just the depth of the Oh My God will we get out the group stages at the Euros debate after we win, lose or draw with Luxembourg.

Change somebody once said, is a coming. Can somebody please just hurry it oan a bit.

PS. Of course after Celtic thumped Motherwell 8-0, Rangers were unable to help that Weegie Team out but lost 2-0 to Glasgow City who lifted the trophy for the 14th consecutive season. Is that a record of some kind? Bet ye, nobody goes to find out… Bet ye…

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