Sting In The Tale (Chairman’s blog 14/8/20) “Not Just a Yellow Card”

Date: 14th August 2020

More like an Old Fashioned Kick Up the Arse


One week on and how is Scottish football reacting to Nicola’s inability to see just how well our game is run and how important the Sky deal is to the SPFL.

Ok sarcasm may be the lowest form of wit but Ms Sturgeon’s quite angry and very blunt message / warning shot that saw last weeks Aberdeen v Saints game postponed at very short notice was soon to be consigned to the understatement pile when news of Bolingoli’s wee Prestwick to Malaga trip leaked into the public domain. Rumour has it the player tried to say it was ok because the Scottish Government owns Prestwick but that buttered no parsnips at Bute House.

Football is now well and truly in the Scottish Government’s Covid headlamps for all the wrong reasons.

Nicola’s reaction could indeed have been worse but her official “Yellow” set the cat among the pigeons and in a time of crisis Scottish Football was found lacking.

It now needs to get its act in gear and to show leadership and the ability and wherewithal to manage its own affairs.

Aberdeen today fined their players and donated those fines to NHS Grampian so well done guys. The Aberdeen fans were also well-embarrassed last weekend and fast to come forward in castigating their Soulbar 8, some even saying they would have accepted the points being awarded to Saints.

We also now know that the SPFL have now opened “Proceedings” against both clubs and the 9 players with a hearing scheduled for 28 August.

Will the SPFL Proceeders now go looking for other clubs and players who have flaunted the rules or is this all a bit of a show trial to impress?

I ask that because rumours abound that there are more stories to leak out.

As for the “Proceedings” – will they be in secret too like the way football likes things to be?

Furthermore in this new era of strong leadership from the top one of the first examples of just how strict and compliant our game can be in self-managing its way through the pandemic was yesterday’s mandate for Hearts to stop training immediately.

This mandate was from the JRG chaired by SFA el Presidente Rod Petrie.

Bizarrely Hull City players and staff who are currently using the same Hearts Riccarton facility are still allowed to train.

And also news is leaking out that the Scottish Government said they didn’t ask for this move, Jason Leitch was even put on the spot but it was just an initiative from those newly tough guys on the JRG flexing their muscles against Hearts.

Hearts are obviously seen as the problem.

Maybe coming down hard on an innocent club who need to be put in their place demonstrates real leadership.

We all know when it comes to being in the wrong place at the wrong time Hearts are past masters.

Statistically they were worst in the league at the time Covid hit.

They were then democratically relegated after a four-month long pantomime season of fast moving confusing stushis and Montfordian stramashes.

Unluckily for them the rules used to decide their relegation were then not applied to determining the Scottish FA Cup. So instead of being relegated on points per game and goal difference and then christened as Cup Winners on points per game and goal difference (with Celtic runners up) they remain mere semi finalists and relegated.

Anyway Rod and Neil here is a question sent to me this morning from a Hearts supporting member who just happens to be an ex captain of industry and previously high heid yin in the senior service.

“Rod, Neil, if Hearts are already compliant with all the prescribed Covid-19 protection measures then why should they be asked to stop for at least a fortnight, particularly because, unlike any other Championship team, they are preparing for a Scottish Cup semi final where the other three competing teams are already playing full matches?

Why punish a member who has done nothing wrong?

Is it to take attention and focus away from something else?

Why is it also all right for Hull to continue to train?


I don’t expect any answers and don’t think he does either.


Ian Maxwell’s Groundhog Pyramid Day Update

Our co-founder Paul’s zoom meeting with Ian Maxwell diarised for last week didn’t happen but has been rescheduled.

These two questions remain live.

Ian were there 4 sign offs on the dropping of the pyramid as per clause c in the appropriate agreement?

What have the SFA done on behalf of Brora, Kelty et al in light of what happened?”


SFSA – All Ali-enated Fans Welcome

Ali Smith’s final novel in her four seasons’ quartet, Summer, is currently, deservedly the No 1 bestseller in the UK and last week I noted the New Statesman had quoted Ali, a well known Inverness Caley fan whose dad had played for Inverness Thistle, as being angered by “Incompetent, shambling, bad and cynical governance”.

Ali has since been in touch and told us her brother had also played a few games for Caley and that she also used to have an uncle on the board at Clachnacuddin.

Proud to support The Scottish Football Supporters Association, Ali’s view is Scottish Football needs to stick together more and start listening to its customers.


I’d say she’s not far off the mark, welcome Ali and all others new to our fold.


As always if you want to discuss any issues or want me to look at any story or have something you want to share my email is

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