Andy’s Sting In The Tale (16/09/22) “Fifa Endorses Rule Breaking by Ecuador…”

Date: 16th September 2022


…What Does That Mean for a Self-Governed Game?


What is the point of drawing up rules if you decide to ignore them for your pals?

What does it say to the world?

How can football be allowed to self-manage when corruption is endemic and self-policing makes it worse?


This Week’s Sting


  1. Countdown to the most Corrupt World Cup Ever
  2. Today’s Ecuador Victory Just Another Tawdry Fifa Episode
  3. Fans Support Proper Compensation for Migrant Workers
  4. Fifa vs Uefa Internal Political Games Continue for 2030 World Cup
  5. A Better Week Abroad


1. Sixty-Four, More Than a Number in a Beatles Song

Will the 2022 World Cup bring investment to Qatar? Investment MonitorIt’s the number of days before Qatar kick off against Ecuador in Gianni Infantino’s World Cup.
To know quite how it was ever awarded to the gulf nation you have to understand how Fifa works to line up votes to carry what the boss wants.


There are hidden alliances, wee deals, promises, backscratching, blind eye turning and every shenanigan you can think of.

But they work. Ask Mr Infantino about his nice house in Qatar where he now calls home.


2. Fifa Rubber Stamp Cheating


Ecuador face being kicked out of World Cup just months before start amid 'fake passport and Byron Castillo scandal' | The SunYesterday there was an appeal by Chile about an Ecuador player who played under a false passport in 8 qualifying matches and by Fifa rules, each game should then be awarded to the opposition with a 3-0 score line.
The facts are simple and the rules are clear.

Chile were angry and took their case to Fifa who are judge and jury. They said, “Nothing to see here, move along”.
Chile were now very angry indeed and appealed.

At yesterday’s appeal Fifa’s three representatives knew the result that Fifa who they were appointed by wanted and threw Chile’s appeal out.

Chile will now go to the CAS, Court of Arbitration in Sport.

Just 9 weeks before the tournament and counting down.

Any change now will be deeply embarrassing and organisationally challenging.

Jorge Yunge apareció como opción a la presidencia de la ANFP

Jorge Yunge, general secretary of the Chilean Football said yesterday, “This is a dark day for football and its credibility. We told the footballing world of a player who helped Ecuador qualify but was actually born in Columbia and the passport he provided was fake. It was invalid. He refused to appear in the Fifa appeal hearing who failed to act.
We will refer this to the Court of Arbitration for Sport because the weight of evidence is clear and we urge the Appeal Committee to deliver their grounds of any decision very quickly because there were enough unjustifiable delays and postponements in this case already.

Eduardo Carlezzo the Chilean Federation’s lawyer accused Fifa of ‘CHEATING”.
“I have never in my entire legal career seen an injustice like this.
It seems to me that there is nothing we could have done to validate the claim, nothing would have been enough”.
Another embarrassing wee story building in the run up to Qatar.

I understand that the last thing that Fifa want is disruption to their tainted tournament but that is why there are rules and Chile should have been reinstated.

Every other solution is corrupt

2. Fans Angry

World Cup 2022: Public back Qatar workers' fund - Amnesty survey - BBC SportSeptember 15 – The vast majority of football fans support compensation for migrant workers in Qatar and their families, a survey commissioned by Amnesty International has found.

Earlier this year a coalition of Human Rights groups called on FIFA and World Cup host Qatar to compensate migrant workers and their families for the human rights abuses they have suffered with the #PayUpFIFA campaign, demanding a fund of $440 million, the equivalent of the prize money that will be on offer during the global finals.

But, while football stakeholders have largely remained indifferent, a YouGov poll of more than 17,000 adults across 15 countries reveals football shows fans backing the call for action. The countries surveyed were Argentina, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Kenya, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, the UK, and the USA.

73% support the call for a fund
67% want their national Football Associations to speak out publicly about the human rights issues associated with the World Cup in Qatar.

“These findings send a clear message to football’s leadership. Across the globe, people are united in their desire to see FIFA step up and make amends for the suffering endured by migrant workers in Qatar. They also want to see their national associations take a much firmer stance,” said Steve Cockburn, Amnesty International’s Head of Economic and Social Justice.


4. The Infantino v Ceferin Proxy War

UEFA steps up opposition to FIFA's new competitions proposal - AIPS MediaIt will come to the surface soon when the great the good, the corrupt and the corrupting meet to find a host for the 2030 World Cup for ever.
South America have a great claim to have the 100-year anniversary back in Uruguay possibly as part of a joint bid.
Spain and Portugal would be great hosts.

But my money for now would go on an Infantino 11th hour wheeze.
A 3 continent, winter competition with Greece, Egypt and Saudi the hosts.
I hear you think that Greece and Egypt would struggle to have upgraded/new stadia and you are right but Saudi have agreed to gift $9 Billion to fix that one and build new stadia.

Infantino has been clever because he is building votes and influence at every step.

What a dirty business.

5. An Anthem, Some Idiots, and a Win

Flip on Twitter: "#Rangers v #Celtic tonight #Queen" / TwitterUefa’s mandate to Rangers not to sing the national anthem was wrong.
The club’s decision to stand on principal and ‘gie it laldy’ was wonderful.
Uefa’s decision to back down was unexpected but the right thing to do.
Pity about the result on the night.
No easy games in the CL.

Celtic got a creditable draw against Shaktar but some of their supporters do their club no favours.
There are times and places for protests and hiding behind and inside the green brigade just embarrasses the club they profess to love.
I hope the fine is substantial.


Delighted Robbie Neilson says Hearts fans will enjoy win over RFS | STV News



Well done the Jambos.
3 points on the road, never a bad result.



See you next week.


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