Chairman’s blog: 27/6/20

Date: 27th June 2020

This week’s chairman’s blog from Andrew Smith:

Neil Doncaster Found Wanting

(More Talk of Reorganisation and other stuff too)


Andy Ushers in a Medal


Congratulations to Andy Robertson and his Liverpool teammates for an amazing season.

Andy’s route to the top was not the classical route starting as a Celtic reject at 15 for being too wee. He bounced back soon after with a season in our bottom division at Queens Park followed by a wonderful spell with Jackie Macnamara’s Dundee United.

Along the way in his Scottish career Andy developed extra velevety talents and ushering qualities working for the M & S women’s lingerie department and Hampden.

A successful move south initially to premiership Hull led to Annfield supposedly as a squad player but Andy grabbed his early chance to become a fixture in the side and one of the finest Scots to have worn the red Liverpool top.

And after watching the Chelsea v Man C game last night that gave Liverpool the title – just what about that pass from young Chelsea sub, Billy Gilmour.



Neil’s Failed Indicative Vote – Still More Questions than Answers


I’ve had more emails about this than anything else in the last two weeks.

Most fans still have no idea how their clubs voted and with the civil war about to become expensive and kick off in court next week why the silence?

This is what we know.


16 Votes For

Here are 14 of the 16 clubs (as long as they are telling us the truth):
Livingston, Kilmarnock, Hamilton, Hearts, ICT, Dundee, Dunfermline, Morton, Partick, Falkirk, Peterhead, Stranraer, Edin City, Stenhousemuir and two lurkers.


26 Votes Against

We only know 10 for sure so far: Hibs, Ross County, Dundee Utd, Ayr, Raith, East Fife, Dumbarton, Clyde, Forfar, Cowdenbeath.


That leaves 18 “Not Tellings”
In this group 2 secretly voted yes and 16 secretly voted no.

So pick any 2 from the list.

Celtic, Rangers, Aberdeen, Motherwell, St J., St M, QoS, Arbroath, Alloa, Airdrie, Montrose, Cove, Elgin, Queens P, Stirling, Albion R, Annan and Brechin.


Is it reasonable that fans should know how their clubs voted even fan owned clubs in the list?

From what we know one particular insight is we don’t understand why both Ross County and Hibs voted against Neil’s indicative proposals in effect voting against their historic local derbies with ICT and Hearts.

Makes no sense to us. Not great for local harmony either and the press didn’t seem to think it was story.


With the court case looming this story will run and run.


The Inevitable Courtroom Outcome of the Indicative Vote Rejection


Civil War kicks off on Tuesday 30th June at 10.00 in the Court of Session.

A teleconference under Lord Clark who as fortune has it might also be a well-known Jambo.

This is not Rumpole yet with all the theatre.

Tuesday is the start and is a procedural hearing (no evidence) to agree how to proceed with this contorted, complex but crucial issue with time pressures.

A wee insight already is that the SPFL seem to have attempted to get their retaliation in first by asking that the issue be referred to the SFA as the recognised appeal body.

(Like there is no conflict of interest, but that is Scottish football and there is history of stuff like that).
It will all get bloody and bloody expensive too.
I’ll keep you all posted next week but first I have to say thanks to three friends on the Scottish Football Monitor for the knowledge and information I have so far.

Those guys miss nothing and report it as it is.


SPFL Board Decide It’s Time for Change


Ok this is a misleading heading even if it is sort of true.

It is not about the larger leagues we want or the transparency that our game is crying out for.


The BBC’s Brian McLaughlin broke the story reporting what read like standard press release stuff like

“The Scottish Professional Football League has issued a resolution to clubs asking them to cede Covid-19-related decisions to its board for next season”.

“Neil’s proposed resolution is said only to relate to disruption caused by coronavirus and is limited to season 2020-21, with the ability to change the start date for the following campaign”.

The SPFL board have also said there would be an “express requirement to consult with clubs over decisions”.

It’s effectively the SPFL making a power grab.
Some would say it is long overdue given everything we’ve seen since “Neil’s Good Friday Disagreement” and his lost “indicative vote”.

The SPFL now want to avoid a repeat of the recent infighting and make the board the decision makers not the clubs.
(Many fans would prefer that Neil)

But it’s never going to be real change with a sign off from the same SPFL press release.

“Major decisions taken by the SPFL must be ratified by the 42 member clubs”.

We all know how that works or rather doesn’t.


Inherent Dysfunctionality – A Topic For Another Day

The way both the SFA and the SPFL are set up and their inability to effectively lead and make the right decisions to manage our game is something we all care about and we will talk more about that in the next few weeks.

We do have one question we are sending to the SFA this week.


Dear SFA


This question will be sent by email on Monday to Iain Maxwell and his board and we’ll share any response.


“Dear Iain,


In the decisions made about the Covid 19 Pandemic the SPFL board have decided not to honour the pyramid in season 2019 – 2020.

This has meant two of your members, Brora Rangers and Kelty Hearts have been denied the opportunity to complete the pyramid play off sequence this year.

One of your members, probably Brechin City, has had a fortunate and financially positive reprieve but in the vacuum also suffered very negative feedback, maybe because they have a director on the SPFL board.


Many SFSA members have asked us to find out what the SFA have done on behalf of Brora, Kelty and the fact that the pyramid has been dropped for season 2019 – 2020?


I ask that knowing from our research that most fans think the decision is wrong on all levels and should be changed. We look forward to sharing your reply with our members.

Thanks for your attention”

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