Andy’s Sting In The Tale (28/04/23) “Jings Crivvens and Help Ma Boab”  

Date: 28th April 2023


This Week’s Sting

  1. Steak Pehs, Mince Pehs and Inyinyins Inaw?
  2. Brechin Still a Ghost Town
  3. Dirty Deals Done at Westminster
  4. Sleepless in Seattle
  5. Payback Time at Spurs
  6. A Dostoyevsky Recommendation


1. What’s Wrong With Dundonian Pound Notes?

Next Friday sees a big game in our Championship when Queens Park have a home fixture against Dundee at Ochilview in sunny Stenhousemuir.
The final league game and it could well be the decider.
One of my Dundee supporting pals spotted this probability and in early January attempted to buy four hospitality  seats for the match so he could attend along with some friends, one of whom was flying in from the USA.
He phoned Glasgow and was told that arrangements were not yet made but someone at QP took his name and details and said they’d get back.
They didn’t ask him who he supported and made no mention of any criteria.

Nothing then happened.

He called at the end of Feb when they confirmed that nothing had yet been agreed and said they still had his name and request, all was well, and to wait.
He did and by now plane tickets had been purchased.

More Silence.

A week or so ago he called again and was told that QP would only be offering the hospitality tickets to QP season ticket holders and I think the reason for this was said to be to ensure that rowdyism would not occur.

The thought of my friend and his pals becoming football vandals and hoolliganising over Stenny’s Finest Steak Pies and a glass or two of Argentinian Malbec made me smile.

We’ve now all read too that Queens Park originally took an internal decision to restrict the number of tickets available to Dundee fans.
Dundee fans react to 'joke' away tickets allocation at Queen's ParkA cynic might say they’d prefer empty terraces to a noisy, mostly Dundonian, full house.
This led to an uproar by Dundee and the allocation was later increased after an intervention by the SPFL

As of this morning my friend and his pals remain ticketless.

Maybe the closest they will get to some Stenny scran and a good time will be to visit the adjoining Tim Horton’s Restaurant and open the windows to hear the half empty crowd.

The good news however is Tim Horton’s fine establishment at Ochilview do pies.

But maybe the ‘Banoffee Pie Donut’ and the ‘Apple Pie Timbits’ are poor alternatives to Stenny’s attempts at real Cow Pie for the Taysiders.

2. All Roads Lead to Ainslie Park Tomorrow

PICTURES: The key moments from Buckie Thistle's title-deciding 2-0 loss to Brechin CityHaving dispatched Buckie Thistle after not turning up in the first half, surviving several scares and snatching two late goals, Brechin travel to Spartans for the first leg of the level 5 play offs.

It will be a tight and nervy game that should lead eventually to a place in the SPFL2 but all it delivers for now is another 2 leg play off against either Bonnyrigg, Elgin, or Albion Rovers.

A lot to play for by the ambitious duo and a lot to protect by the SPFL trio.

One mouth-watering SPFL tie might be Bonnyrigg at home to Elgin in the last game of the season next Saturday, 6th May.



3.  Does Gambling Have Friends in High Places?

– You Can Bet on It


Roulette - WikipediaThe long awaited Government White Paper on gambling in the UK was delivered yesterday and demonstrates that like the Tobacco lobby in the USA in the 1950s our government is also there to be got at, and fair game to another industry with no morals.

Lucy Frazer, UK Culture Secretary is now said to be hiding behind several ‘consultations’.

It really is all bollocks.

The final outcome is inevitable as data of the damage being wreaked will grow and become totally damning, but for now the Westminster Government has rolled over and had it’s tummy tickled by the gambling industry who saw the immediate danger and threw resource at it to slow down the process.

You’ll have seen or heard stuff about this.

Please don’t believe the ongoing Gambling Industry conflation of horses, football and casinos with their addictive slots.
Horses and football betting can have a modicum of skill for reward.
Look at me winning £100 on the National two weeks ago, – all down to my skill and knowledge and subscription to the Racing Post.
Well, no, no and no.
All down to my liking the trainer and the fact she is Scottish.

Who won Grand National 2023? Full result including 1-2-3-4-5-6 places, finishers and fallers - Mirror Online

And please don’t believe the Gamblingcos’ rhetoric about controls in place and safeguards.
They just want money.
Your money, my money, anybody’s money and kids are easier conquests and lifetime mug punter prospects.

As of now the original government plans to ban ‘all advertising and sponsorship’ have been put on the back burner despite current live research showing 80% of the population want that to happen.


Does This Give the SPFL, SFA, Celtic, Rangers and Dundee Utd. the Green Light to Harvest More Dirty Money?

Absolutely not.
They all have fans who are being hurt by this industry with suicide sometimes the only way out.

The harm these firms do will not go away and football will feel a growing fan kickback.
Celtic and Rangers among clubs urged to end sponsorships with gambling firms | STV News
Normalising and incentivising gambling is everywhere.

On Sunday we will see our two biggest clubs at Hampden wearing their strips of shame and, implicitly and explicitly, SHOUTING out to all their fans that GAMBLING IS GOOD.

During the match experts say that there will be a minimum of 800 plus gambling ‘advertisements’ to viewers, –  like in any EPL game.

This is a national disgrace and our clubs are hurting their fans.

That means they are hurting us all.

Money can never be an excuse for that.

4. What Amazed Amazon as Firesticks Boom in Scotland

IAmazon Project Phase 2 Boardroom & Meeting Room Fitout By Huntoffice Interiors - Hunt Office UK was told the sales data for Amazon Firesticks in Scotland were the talk of the Steamie in the beautiful boardroom at 410 Terry Avenue in Seattle this week. (The one two floors up from our pic).

The heavy hitters there had started to notice a trend a few weeks back and our wee country is now officially Seattled as the ‘Firestick Capital of the World’ because our sales per head of population make us world leaders.
Have a wee guess why?

With our ‘Unsponsored’ Cup’s, semi-finals at Hampden this weekend, our fans have many choices.
They can watch Falkirk vs ICT live on Saturday on BBC Scotland free, on free to air TV or free-ish  on their specially adapted Firestick.  Or they can pay on the PPV cable channel who used to be Setanta but restarted and then sold to some Skandis.

On Sunday their choice is to watch Celtic vs Rangers on their specially adapted firesticks (almost free) or if they like subscriptions on the Setanta/Skandi PPV option for an extra price.


Scots are not daft even if some people think we are, hence record sales of wee Amazon wondersticks.

5. Spurs Do the Right Thing

Newcastle United 6-1 Tottenham Hotspur: Toon score six to overpower Spurs - BBC SportIt was a great game to watch as a neutral.
Newcastle ripped Spurs apart leading to the immediate departure of interim manager Christian Stellini and a subsequent club pledge that the players would reimburse the ticket prices to fans who made the trip.
I wish Scotland had done that for us in Argentina and a few times since.




6. Quo* tf Vadis

I came across this piece by James Dostoyevsky earlier this week about Gianni Infantino and thought that James, an ex Washington based author and commentator brings insight that is indeed just that, insightful.

Well worth the  short read and you can tell your friends in the bar that you have started reading Dostoyevsky.



Scottish Football is Everyone’s Business.


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