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Date: 23rd May 2020

The thoughts of SFSA chairman Andrew Smith:

Ann Budges Game Change Plans Elephants and Cats


Another week into the lockdown and I now have a hairstyle like an early 70s footballer.

While under lockdown nothing much seems to change but underneath the weird normality we’re living through things have changed.

Some forever.


Depressing Revenue Forecasts


We and our clubs are lock-downing into a major economic depression that will affect all aspects of what we thought was normal including football.

One club chairman I was speaking with early in the week has already cut his clubs anticipated revenue budgets from all sources.

That includes sponsorships, gates, local community funding and the monies he could have anticipated from within the game.

He doesn’t expect every club to come through unscathed and thinks player pools will be smaller and player wages will fall.


Grass Long Enough to Hide Elephants


Scottish football isn’t world class at much but we are world leaders at growing grass high enough to obscure all the elephants in our room when needed.

This weeks SFA Board decision, quietly announced as Celtic fans were celebrating their title award,  to summarily drop the well documented case know to some as Resolution 12 is finally done and dusted.

Well er….

I’m no expert but have been told the decision raises more questions than it resolves and none of the decision makers come out of it with any credit.

My sources said too much is in the public domain for this one to slip into the oblivion the authorities would like.


Reconstruction Update


We have been told Ann Budge’s plan for reconstruction will be presented over the next few days.

We wish her well because from our surveys as recent as two weeks ago a big majority of fans want larger leagues.

Most of us also think relegation at time of a pandemic is unnecessary and plain wrong.

But this is Scotland.

Speaking with a couple of Chairmen was illuminating.

Both think Ann is being played by our long-grass experts.

They think there is no real appetite at the top of our game for what she is being asked to do.

We would agree.


But in this crazy Covid world we think that economic changes will overtake both her plans and the initial rejection that the current Scottish Football establishment finagles on change.


Peter Bonetti Reincarnate


To some he was the best understudy Hamish MacAlpine ever had at Tannadice and for some he was their favourite postman on the isle of Mull.


To me he was the hero I always wanted to when I had to take my turn between the jumpers.


Fond memories of Peter from this indoor lockdown football game.


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