Championship Starters

Date: 5th June 2020

The latest blog from SFSA writer Donald Stewart:

Are we under starter’s orders? With the announcements, pronouncement and speculation coming close to an end – looks like it.

We know that the training is to resume. We believe that the contact and the tackling shall surely follow. We are looking forward to the opportunity to witness some form of contest that is a match which shall then be within our grasp.

If you are a season ticket holder then you will be in a position to get your eyes on what will transpire. Your club playing on your turf against the opposition.

What has been surprising is that I am talking about the league below the premium one. Now that is quite new – getting noticed.

Of course, we are not quite sure what opposition as the ideas behind reconstruction are yet to be agreed but there is light at the end of the COVID tunnel.

But when? And will it just be the season ticket holders?

We have seen the Bundesliga begin, heard of how Serie A and La Liga are primed to go and the Premier League is ready to try and get Liverpool over the line. So, when is it all to literally kick off up here? The Premiership is to be ready to go to battle in August and if they go for a 16 club top flight, I might have the opportunity to watch my team playing the big guns.

But the reality is that I am probably going to be looking through my lens at the usual suspects from last year. Plus Hearts and Raith Rovers, at least, that is opinion.

Unless a top flight of 14 would change it.

The issue I find for myself is, however, that I am not a season ticket holder so I may not get to ogle at my team.

Unless I buy a season ticket. For how many games behind closed doors?

Who knows?

According to the chief executive at Greenock Morton, Dave McKinnon, they expect to begin playing in October behind closed doors and then in 2021 we should be looking at crowds back behind the goal mouths.

McKinnon has raised the possibility of one off subscribers which I found comforting because I am a little far away to make the right trips – I have failed to do it in the past. But the opportunity to put come cash into the coffers – irresistible.

Ironically the news that there are cameras being put into the grounds like Ayr, Alloa and the like suggests that goal line technology might actually be possible in the future.

All it needs is players to play and that, as they say might be a whole other ball game…

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