“Clean”, Means…

Date: 27th May 2017

With the season ending soon and the cones and bibs being placed in big black bin bags for the pre-season rush for some form of fitness to see each club through another “big” season, we must bask in the glory of having a clean sport.
Sure, we have some kind of scandal about betting brewing and spilling into board rooms.
Sure, English clubs seem to think sending offers for players should go to unchecked email addresses.
Sure, one chair in Inverness has stood down and talk of administration is rife about a club that was supposed to be a fixture of the top league.
Sure, we have a chair in Fife calling the appointment of a well-respected manager to lead their team to relegation a mistake, then defending the appointment of the guy who put them in that position and then admitting letting the guy who went to Dumbarton and ensured the safety of the West Coast team was a mistake too…
Sure, it is uncertain times for many as contracts are sitting ready to be signed, withdrawn or not get as far as the printer.
Sure, we have a league where nobody could beat one team and it all boils down to one final game which they are odds on to win to such an extent that a shock would probably bankrupt the bookies – but enough about lower league chairmen.
Let’s face it…
The Scottish game is CLEAN…
Not for us the scandal of cycling where the pre-eminent cyclist has to go on Oprah and say, well yeah I cheated by doping. Not for us the struggle of a Board responsible for the regulation of their sport, having to suspend a doping hearing for reasons they keep secret. Not for us the scandal of not one but now 3 World title contenders in the recent past being caught with too much in their system of one banned substances or another. Not for us the threat by a world body that if we don’t buck up our idea our athletes shall be completely banned from the 2018 Winter Olympics.
We, at least, can sit at home thinking that drugs cheats are a thing for other sports and not us…
The Scottish Football Association have it all under control…
They can all but guarantee there shall be no scandals, no unnecessary hearings, no issues with regards, ahem, sporting integrity coming from any of our kicking heroes transgressing and taking substances that they rather ought not.
And why? The SFA have a fool proof policy….
Don’t test them, that’s why…
You see all this nonsense to do with making the game fair and ensuring that we have some kind of level playing field on which our teams can compete is best left to the groundsmen. Do not get us started on the possibility or likelihood of their being any professional sports men or women in football in Scotland having taken anything illegal.
Maybe it is a bi product of the sport turning more middle class where the types of drugs available to these kids is likely to be less potent or toxic? I don’t know but hey, at least we know that the game is clean.
OK I might be wrong here.
In February this year, the World Anti-Doping Agency President, Craig Reedie, made some headlines that he was concerned that there had been a 9-month gap in ANY testing being done in Scottish football. According to the SFA, at the time and widely reported, they were, “in final negotiations with UKAD (United Kingdom Anti-Doping) with a view to the Scottish FA providing funding to test for the remainder of this season. In addition, our security and integrity officer has just completed a comprehensive anti-doping education programme for all senior clubs.”
Of course, this means I should just calm down and realise it is all in hand. After all the SFA have a stellar reputation to uphold and a track record of doing things that are right….

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