PRESS RELEASE: Scottish Football Supporters Online Poll Finds Only 37% of Fans in Favour of Colts Teams in the SPFL

Date: 24th March 2021



Following speculation in the media and an upcoming club vote on Colt teams, the SFSA undertook some research on Twitter and a summary of 4,500 fans views are undernoted. This follows previous research conducted in 2020 when this proposal originally emerged where 60% of fans rejected the concept.

  • 37% of fans support the introduction of “Colt teams”
  • 57% of fans are against the proposal
  • 6% are undecided

In comments to support their choice of for or against

  • Fans sceptical of the proposal voice concerns that it would only benefit the top clubs
  • Supporters of the proposals say look to other countries where the system works and is needed for youth development into elite level

A total of 4,500 fans felt strongly enough to voice their opinion on the topic of B/Colts teams following a reintroduction of a proposal introduced by Rangers last Spring.
The plan is for a vote by the 42 SPFL Clubs.

The SFSA polled fans between the 19th and 24th of March.


A common thread in fan responses was the sense that this proposal would only benefit the top 2 clubs. One fan said:

“One of the worst propositions to be tabled in years. An initiative that purely for the benefit of two clubs dressed up as a solution the national team’s ills. Will only serve to widen the gap between the OF (Old Firm) and the rest with no benefit to lower league clubs. Horrible idea” (@stonefish100)

The £200K carrot offered to lower league teams from the two Glasgow clubs was categorised by some as:

what is basically a bribe.” (@EwanMubs25)

However, there were those who supported the proposal, with one fan saying:

“I think it is a great idea and I believe it can help push our game to the next level. Great to see league restructure. If it works well I think other clubs such as Aberdeen, Hearts and Hibs will follow suit. If so we may see another restructure in league 1.” (@ExArgyll)

Andy Smith, Chairman of the SFSA, said “If you drill into our research you can see that most fans outwith those who support our two biggest two clubs are not currently in favour of this move. This is not because they disagree with the quest by people like John Collins for a better system for our elite young players. We all want that.
Elite development for both our male and female game needs a full debate and strategy not a hurried search for a magical panacea by an inherently failing structure.
The solution here will start at grass roots, in our schools and local clubs and progress across the country and leagues from there.
Every elite player in the world started at a very local level.
Our game has long failed kids right through the system and change is both needed and welcome.
That is the key issue.


What is clear to see from our responses is fans care and will do what they can to help.
In the lower Leagues it is often overlooked that fans are responsible for up to 70% of revenues and as stakeholders they should be part of any process for change.

This is a project that needs a healthy discussion, a real strategy and community support, not the usual, usual”.





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