A Win Win Situation for The Scottish Government: Community Football is Everyone’s Business

Date: 12th January 2022



A Win Win Situation for The Scottish Government:

Community Football is Everyone’s Business

The Scottish Football Supporters Association (SFSA) Scotland’s independent fans organisation respectfully ask the Scottish Government to bring forward the increase of fan numbers above 500 from Monday 17th to Friday 14th January.

This move would allow Scottish clubs to play in front of normal crowds this weekend for the benefit of communities the length and breadth of the country.
With no additional risk to public health and savings to the public purse.

It would start allowing fans back for the Partick Thistle home game versus Kilmarnock on Friday 14th.
The crowd here would normally be circa 4000 and currently there are season ticket holders who have been told they are not part of the 500 allowed in and who have been told to ‘stay away’.

On Saturday 15th an early increase in crowds would bring normality back to Ayr, Dunfermline, Inverness, Kirkcaldy, Airdrie, Dumbarton and many more heartland Scottish communities.

None of the crowds at this level of football will be large and all will happily follow the protocols set out.

The SFSA are aware that nothing is simple and there is always risk with Covid but from the discussions we are aware of there seems to be no scientific reason or justification favouring Monday 17th January over Friday 14th.

We are also aware that there are Scottish Government plans to compensate clubs for commercial hits this weekend should any reopening not happen, but this money can be saved for more important needs if the date is shifted.

Bringing forward the date will allow fans to watch their teams, spend money in their communities and help local businesses

The SFSA are suggesting a potential Win for the Scottish Government, a potential Win for the Clubs, a potential Win for the Fans and most importantly a potential Win for the heartland Communities.


A Win, Win, Win, Win Situation.

Now there is a new football cliché.

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