Community ownership survey now live!

Date: 5th August 2020

At the SFSA, we believe that supporters should have the right to make their voices heard at every possible opportunity. That’s why we are continuing our regular supporter consultation and launching our latest supporter survey, this one in relation to community ownership.

We believe that our football clubs are best served by having the interests of their community at heart. This means the key stakeholders in the game – the fans – must have their views heard. We believe that to achieve this, football supporters must play an ever increasing role in the management and ownership of their clubs.

As community ownership evolves, so too does the understanding of how the concept of fans owning and running football clubs is developed. From Argentina to Germany,  football fans own clubs and this phenomenon is now growing in Scotland too.

We would like to welcome supporters of all clubs, fan owned or not, to take part and make their feelings known.

Please also remember to help share the survey link to friends, family and fellow supporters!

Survey Link

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