Date: 6th February 2017


Alongside serious funding issues, internal divisions and arguments are continuing at Supporters Direct. We relay below, without further comment, a disturbing letter being distributed by twenty supporters trust members down south, including past officers and board members of SD. Obviously we entirely support their concerns and express our solidarity with them. Read our immediate response here

Meanwhile, in Scotland a number of trusts are still served by the SD branch office (Supporters Direct Scotland), though there have also been resignations here and the Scottish office and Council of SDS remains ultimately accountable to SD in London.

Since we were set up in 2015, SFSA has made numerous approaches to SD and SDS, with the intention of creating the opportunity for the remaining Scottish part of their operation to join up with the vibrant, independent fans’ organisation we have established – a win:win situation for all concerned. Unfortunately, there has been no positive response.

That unity of fans and fan organisations is most definitely what football in Scotland needs to #reclaimthegame. We need one voice to speak to the football authorities and to work for serious reform. This would also be the best basis to develop partnership with our friends south of the border, including the Football Supporters Federation.

The SFSA Board is actively considering how best to proceed in the light of these latest developments. Please let us know what you think.

For the information of SFSA members and supporters, here is the letter we and others have received from Robert Pepper, former Vice Chair of SD ( “In October last year, Justice4Jac was pleased to report that after several months of relentless pressure put on the Chair and Board of Supporters Direct, a decision had been made to pay the salary of terminally ill, longest -serving employee, Jacqui Forster, from June to December 2016.

“That was indeed welcome news but the campaigning group, including former Vice Chairs and directors of SD, called for the resignation of those responsible for voting to stop the pay. Their actions caused needless unnecessary stress to a terminally-ill woman when she least needed it.

“That call went unheeded but this year will see another round of elections to the Board of Supporters Direct and Justice4Jac hereby serves public notice of its intention to nominate one or more candidates for election to replace those responsible for last year’s code of behaviour, unacceptable for a co-operative organisation.

“With the advent of a New Year and the concomitant opportunity for reflection and new resolutions, it isn’t too late for the responsible directors to do the honourable thing and resign their positions rather than face a public debate on their abject lack of compassion and co-operative values.”

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