Date: 29th May 2021

The latest blogs from SFSA writer Donald Stewart:

I do so apologise for cliches and for repeating other people.

I am sorry that this may offend somebody somewhere and I am sorry that I may be harping on when things have all been said before.

Innumerable times.

By many people.

But that title party was unacceptable.


I have said it.

And I stand with the normal, sedate and reasonable Rangers supporters who are similarly sickened.

As the fan of a lower league club, somebody shall jump on and ask what do I know? My team’s record in Europe is wrapped in some 18-30 holiday that is the extent of my experience of real football.

Jog on.

If your oversize tracksuit shall let you.

If the measure of your response is that the messenger should be tried, rather than the message be tested, then all you have to offer is the context which proves the point.

And before people start to look into my past, to analyse if I was ever a regular at Parkhead and castigate the divide by pointing out that I might be an agent for “the other side” I ain’t. Not that that shall stop you trying to prove it otherwise.

Give it a rest. Take it on the chin. Condemn the disgraceful behaviour of those people who besmirched the name they bear on their chests, proudly have tattooed on their person and clearly have something hanging off their foreheads, and it isn’t common sense.

Manchester came to George Square. With a shimmy across the Squinty Bridge, they ended up marching, how ironic, to the place where these people who swear allegiance to the crown, battled it out with the forces of the crown; not so ironic.

It was simply moronic.

But after years of banning singing, taking away the sectarian law, and engaging with people through countless projects and community engagements, what are we left with?

A mess, a collective dump, on the Square that has another appalling footnote in history to mark.

So, what do we do now?

For me, a mere commentator on the events, a bystander in the shadow of glory, a simple fan who knows little about the higher echelons of the clubs in the Premiership aside from 50 years of following the sport and many years of writing and broadcasting about it?


Until such times as we target the focus of their “love”, people who willingly want to besmirch their institutions shall continue to do so. They will, with impunity, aside for the fines and the court

appearances which shall surely follow, cost the very state they claim they love and adore, and make us ashamed on a regular and irregular basis.

In short, why should they stop?

The calumny is then made worse by some wit who would appear to have the humour of the grave, as they create a video allegedly showing staff at Ibrox indulging in anti-Catholic sentiment. Meanwhile another masked terrorist (look up the meaning of the word) thinks it is clever to try and firebomb a house where people sleep soundly.

Strict liability is back like a ghoul at the feast.

What may be needed is an Inspector like figure from a JB Priestley play to show Scottish football why it is that they only have themselves to blame. Until that Inspector Calls, we are likely to just continue to hope that somebody somewhere manages to show some people who haven’t got any, sense.

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