Election over what does it mean for the SFSA?

Date: 6th May 2016

Election over – what impact does it have for the SFSA?

With the Scottish election over there remains little doubt that although the numbers might be different Scotland will continue down a familiar political path.

For the SFSA we have worked very closely with most of the political parties since our formation and have been well received. The first thing we will be awaiting is the announcement of whether Jamie Hepburn MSP will continue in his role as Sports Minister or whether there will be another incumbent thrust into this role. Over the past year we have worked well with Jamie and his team and despite the Scottish Government previously funding Supporters Direct we would feel confident that the SFSA as an independent, open membership organisation would continue to garner political support from these quarters. A further aspect of the results has been the increased presence of the Green Party and the re-election of Alison Johnstone MSP who we as an organisation worked very closely with on his tireless pursuit of having football as a key part of the Land Reform and Community Empowerment Bill.

The global landscape in football has changed significantly since the previous Scottish election and Governments around the world who football associations were once warning not to get involved in football matters are looking at the indiscretions of FIFA and UEFA in a whole different way. That change is undoubtedly going to give the Government more clout if it chooses to take it. We at the SFSA have build a good working relationship at both Holyrood and Westminster and we hope to reiterate to those in power that more than ever is a very strong need for a powerful and strong fan lobby and that we are best placed to provide it in the months and years ahead.

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