Euro Super Leagues – SFSA response

Date: 15th February 2016

Paul Goodwin Co founder of the SFSA said, ” We stand firmly behind the comments of the SPFL CEO regarding the concerns for a new European competition. Fans around the world love the simple meritocracy of football which is often apparent in both national and European cup competitions. There is a real danger of the power and money being exerted by the larger clubs in such a way that we believe would be to the detriment of the wider game. The last thing we want is to head towards a franchise system where only the location and wealth of your club matters. Given the bad governance that has emanated from FIFA and UEFA there needs to be a realisation that all stakeholders in the game matter. The SFSA will be attending a Fans Europe Conference in Turkey in July and I am sure that fans from Holland Belgium, Portugal, Scandinavia etc will look to see what action we can take to make our feelings known to UEFA, national associations, clubs and the television companies.”

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