Fans organisations set to merge in England and Wales – what next for Scotland?

Date: 27th June 2018

A new direction for the FSF?
The FSF is our sister organisation with over 500,000 members and affiliates and they are calling for 1 fans organisation in England and Wales. AT. their AGM they will discuss a proposal on a single national fans organisation
Over the course of the past year there have been detailed discussions about a possible merger of the two national fan organisations – the Football Supporters’ Federation and Supporters Direct. You can now read more about the details of the proposal ahead of our AGM on 28th July, including a letter from our chair Malcolm Clarke, and a proposed structure for the new organisation.

Closer to home

In January we had a series of meetings with Supporters Direct Scotland and we suggested that given what was happening south of the border that it made sense for a merger of both our organisations. This was not looked on favourably by SDS who preferred to have both organisations work together. What followed was that we the SFSA put a working proposal to Supporters Direct Scotland for a shared understanding about cooperative working. We have not received a positive response so far, but we are continuing to pursue this line of approach. Our own commitment is to the unity of fans and the reshaping of Scottish football in their interest. We hope to have more to report later in the year and in the meantime we have advised all the key stakeholders of our position.

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