Fans plan a day of action in England

Date: 20th March 2017

Our clubs are community assets

In Scotland we have seen some of our biggest clubs fail in the past few years and thankfully due to the efforts mostly of supporters the clubs have survived. Given how important clubs are to the community any crisis at any club is a crisis that all football fans should be concerned about. Many of us have favourite teams in England and here at the SFSA we will be throwing our support to a fans day of action in England. read more here

On Saturday 6th May fans from across the country will be descending on the seaside town to offer their solidarity to supporters of Blackpool, Leyton Orient and many other clubs with problematic owners. FSF Malcolm Clarke said: “Owners are the temporary guardians of a football club’s heritage – we are still, unfortunately, in the position where a handful of club owners are not fit to be guardians of that heritage.”

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