The SFSA continue its partnership with GambleAware with “#TapOut for Timeout” Campaign

Date: 12th September 2020

The Scottish Football Supporters Association has once again partnered with GambleAware to help promote a safer gambling environment for fans through its #TapOut Campaign.

With football back in full swing and the seasons for the lower leagues starting soon, more fans will be tempted to have a go against the odds. Although most fans do gamble safely, there are going to be those who may get too invested and for better or worse find themselves gambling after the fun stops. We don’t want fans looking back at  the impulsive decisions they have made and finding themselves with a case of “bet regret”.

Tapping out the app is a simple tip to use every time you bet. Just tap out of your betting app before you place a bet. This gives you time to really think it through and decide if it’s a bet you should avoid or not. Tap out for some time out, have a think and consider if you should really be making that bet. It might just help you avoid Bet Regret!

For this campaign, BeGambleAware have adopted the services of a big burly wrestler to help remind us all to tap out of the app. Check out the new campaign and watch Barry and Dave learn the value of tapping out for some time out here: We wouldn’t want to get tackled by that guy!

The SFSA are pleased that we can help promote this campaign and provide assistance to those who need it via GambleAware’s extensive support network.

More information and support can found on their website:

Be sure to follow us on social media via @scottishfsa for the latest on Scottish football and updates from the #TapOut campaign.



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