Gerry Farrell Joins SFSA board

Date: 6th May 2020

We are pleased to announce the addition of Gerry Farrell to the SFSA board.

Here is an introduction to Gerry in his own words:



One of my earliest memories is watching my dad chipping a scrunched-up paper ball down the hall and into a wastepaper basket. He played Subuteo with me on the kitchen table. And I was five when he lifted me over the turnstiles at Easter Road and made a lifelong Hibs fan of me (which has been a blessing and a penance in equal measure). He told me football stories like the time he took a posh civil service colleague to his first match. The centre forward scuffed a sitter over the bar and my Dad’s pal clapped both hands to his head and shouted “Ineptitude, inepitude!” which might be the politest criticism ever voiced on Scottish terracings.

By the time I was old enough to go to games on my own, I was properly marinated in Scotland’s passionate if not always beautiful game. I’ve greenwashed my own four children into supporting the Hibees and just last week I sang ‘Sunshine On Leith’ down the phone to my six-month-old grandchild. He might live in London but he’s already halfway to being a Hibby.

What the coronavirus lockdown has taught me is that I’m not just a Hibs fan, I’m a football fan. Nothing can replace the flash of green grass as you step into a stadium, any stadium, and the roaring and hugging that greets a goal but it’s been a real consolation to find so many full, 90-minute games to watch online, from World Cup Finals to Dundee derbies, from the Zidane headbutt to Sir David Gray’s last minute header.

I wish I could say Scottish football was in rude health but it’s rude words that come to mind when I think about how long the game’s been run by cosy hierarchies more interested in power than progress. I’ve joined the SFSA because I believe we need to give the game back to the football people who matter most: the fans.

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