Good governance in Scottish Football a distant dream? by Steve McGregor

Date: 5th July 2017

Good governance in Scottish Football a distant dream?

Over the past 5 years football has seen itself exposed as an industry that is self centred, self important and desperately trying to avoid any modernisation or accountability.

At the top of the game corruption at FIFA and indeed at UEFA has resulted in massive scandals that have shown that the greed and the desire for power and prestige have dictated what direction the game wanted to travel.

Closer at home the Westminster Government have called the FA in England to account as not being fit for purpose for the modern era. In Scotland since the days of impending Armageddon that was forecast by the leadership at Hampden Park there has been a succession of PR disasters that seem to be coming along like London Buses. Who can forget the call to bring in facial recognition, the failure to tackle sectarianism, pushing strict liability to the kerb, the decline in standards at club and international level, the recent shambles with the Scotland National women’s team, the SFA controlled SYFA PVG scandal, the Cerebral Palsy team being let down by football and the ongoing betting shambles. This list is not exhaustive by any stretch of the imagination and now the SFA on the back of a the Supreme Court Ruling today have investigated themselves and decided rather quickly that everything is kind of ok.

We represent nearly 67,000 fans and we can assure the SFA, the SPFL and the Scottish Government that we have had enough of the self regulation that seeks to ensure that nothing changes, nobody is ever accountable and that fans views are to be ignored.

Football governance in Scotland needs to change to an open, transparent and more democratic basis when the views of the key stakeholders:-players, coaches and supporters and their considerations sit alongside the clubs in deciding how the game is run for the future.

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