John Collins, Dave McPerson and Henry McLeish back Youths project

Date: 7th May 2020

In 2019, we published our widely read and much vaulted Women in Football report. It was designed not to be a stand-alone document which is ignored, kept on a shelf, dusted and brought down to prove how far we almost got but to be the first in our business of fans’ series.

Next up in that series…

Work has been ongoing regarding: Youths in Football.

Intended to determine how the young consume SPFL football, before attempting to explain the trends that emerge, it is hoped that the findings will be used to inform policy and improve the experience of young people and therefore us all at SPFL matches.

We recently spoke to some high profile figures in our game, to get their take on this study.

Former Celtic, Hibernian and Monaco star, John Collins said: “ Grassroots football is vital to the long term health of the game so it is really important that we are constantly working to keep our young people engaged in our game. I would encourage everyone who is involved in youth football  to contribute”

Meanwhile ex Hearts and Rangers defender Dave McPherson has spoken of how “ The pathways to the senior game are really important and it is crucial that we understand how all aspects of this can be improved”

In addition, SFSA board member, chair of the Fife Elite Academy and former First Minister Henry McLeish added: ” At this very difficult time it is really important that we take stock of where we are and how we might improve things going forward. The Youth game literally is our future and expanding our understanding of this vital part of the game will be a crucial part of that process.”

Whilst for some, it may be a forlorn hope that we can change minds and avoid losing the enthusiasm of the young to our game, but it is, like everything, worth a try.

In fact it is worth far more than that. If we, of an older generation, are to stretch back and watch football in our dotage. We need the young and they need a voice so here is your chance to help give it to them!

Through support from Dr. Joachim Lammert, founder and CEO of FansQ, The University of Edinburgh and BeGambleAware, in addition to partnerships with total teamwear, Bala Sports and Unite the Union, we have prizes to incentivise participation.

Targeted at children and young people who play for a football team and they are aged between 12 and 18 years of age, its authenticity should at least guarantee it is a genuine article; to see if it changes anyone else’s articles – keep watching our spaces…

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