Keeping the focus on the big reform picture by Simon Barrow Chair SFSA

Date: 1st August 2017

Keeping the focus on the big reform picture

We are obviously aware that, in the midst of the fans’ benchmarking survey and our governance reform campaign, there are some major controversies occurring in the game – concerning abuse, drugs and financial affairs. On the ‘big tax case’ question, and what the football authorities following that, our 69,000 members have different views, as you might expect. We are not a partisan body, and clearly the best thing is to let them express those views in their own way from the perspective of their own interests. That is what is happening. We have not and will not intervene beyond that. From SFSA’s point of view the really crucial thing is to keep our focus on reform of the game as a whole, and particularly the issues of representation, governance and transparency at the highest level. We need to ensure that financial fair play runs throughout the game, from top to bottom, with no prejudice or favouritism to one party or another. In that regard, we welcome the SPFL’s openness to a review. Of course it is key that fans voices are heard loud and clear in this. That is what we will be continue to press for. To do that we need fans of all clubs to rally and continue to support our objectives.

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