League Reconstruction a fans perspective by John Crawley SFSA member

Date: 19th January 2016

Over the years I have watched the SPFL and the clubs tinker with the league set up and nothing changes it is time to take a more radical approach to league reconstruction.What I propose will not please Rangers or Celtic but is much faired to all other clubs.

I would keep 2 leagues of 12 SPL 1 and SPL 2.

The 1st part of the season each club play home and away a total of 22 games in the first part of the season they are playing for league position as they do now but this is where things change we would have a winter break which would be January but keeping the new year games.

On February the leagues would split into 3. SPL1, SPL2, SPL3. in doing this all teams go back to zero points this is what Rangers and Celtic won’t like because at this point in previous years we all know who the top 2 teams will be leaving the other teams the scraps to play for. Now the teams are playing for who is going to represent Scotland in Europe. The bottom 4 of SPL1 join the top 4 of SPL2 and play to see who will be relegated or promoted again each team has every thing to play for. The bottom 8 of SPL2 would play to see who would be relegated the bottom one would be automaticaly relegated the 2nd bottom would go into a play off. As you will see from this format every game means something there are no meaningless games.

We could also bring in a bonus point for teams that score more than 3 goals in a game encouraging a more attacking style of play a much more exciting prospect giving the fans a reason to go out and support there team.

This type of set up will give you a better chance when negotiating deals with the TV companies and other sponsors with each game meaning something it gives for better television you could also get someone to sponsor the televised game for the team or teams that score 3 or more goals during the game if both teams scored 3 or more goals they share the sponsorship money if neither team score 3 goals or more they receive nothing but the sponsorship money would be rolled over to the next televised game something like the lottery encouraging a more exciting and attacking game for viewers to watch instead of some of the negative football we see just now, you would be creating something completely different from anything before a chance to bring Scottish to the fore and give other countries something to think about what is there to lose it cannot be any worse than it is just now we have to move forward and not backwards to a larger league that is safe and less competitive to a set up that makes teams compete from start to finish.

Look forward to getting other fans opinion on the above.John Crawley

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