Meaningless friendly games fans say no thanks

Date: 23rd March 2017

Call for the end of meaningless friendlies by Steve McGregor

There is an old adage that in business the Customer is always King. Sadly this well worn phase seems to have little traction at Hampden Park who last year gave us an unpalatable game against Qatar and followed it up with a meaningless kick about at Easter Road against Canada last night!

I totally understand the need of the manager wanting to give his troops a run out before a must win match; but why not have it behind closed doors. With all due respect to the team ranked 117th in the world it was hardly a glamour international against Argentina or Brazil or a must win friendly like Germany v England.

The overall decline of the game in Scotland has contributed to the demise in interest in any type of friendly even if the A list team were in town. In days of old you wanted to see Dalglish, Hansen, and Souness in the flesh or the international stars from around the world they would be playing against. Now Scotland only have Championship “stars” and the world is so saturated by TV and social media that you know what Nay mar’s girlfriend had for lunch.

Sadly the decline in standards and the general malaise of the Scotland team and the stewardship of the SFA has meant that fans have disengaged. In days gone by any game when you saw Scotland play was special. Now we have to pay a membership fee to the SFA, have no voting rights or no say on anything and I am sure they will be sitting in the corridors of power wondering why we don’t turn up. Another extra fixture for a fan base that is spread across the length and breadth of the country even with reduced prices would cost a parent and child at least £60 if you count travel costs. It is really important to host such a game then why not let every Scotland club member in for free?

Don’t expect the SFA to ask you what you really think. The currently are asking us to a survey that their in house English run fans business( Supporters Direct) are promoting for then. You are only getting questions that they want answered.

Come Sunday night it might be more than meaningless friendlies we are saying goodbye to. Sadly the manager will carry the can and those who have run the once Scotland team down to its lowest ever ebb get off ironically – Scot Free.

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