Mr. Neilson stays positive…

Date: 21st October 2022

Donald’s back with his second blog for the week.

Mr. Neilson stays positive…

A meeting with The Budge is never to be wished for…

And that is what Mr. Neilson, erstwhile manager of the Tiny Tots Tynecastle Nursery is heading for.

As he walks along the Gorgie streets if you were close to him, you would hear his muttered mantra, “I must stay positive, I must stay positive, I must stay positive…”

You see, The Budge wants a word… In fact, she is planning on a few more than one…

Picture the scene…

European exchanges.

You would think that, after Brexit, they might be a thing of the past, but Mr. Neilson managed to convince The Budge that The Tiny Tots Tynecastle Nursery had something to give in the wider European context, so they organised a trip.

To Italy.

Precisely to Florence.

There was much excitement in The Tiny Tots Tynecastle Nursery as people talked of swapping the way things were done over here with learning about how they did things over there. The more political savvy amongst them talked about how they had heard there were moves afoot to raise the school starting age in Scotland to 6. The Tiny Tots Tynecastle Nursery would likely have a greater and more important say than ever in the education of The Tiny Tots Tynecastle Nursery clientele.

It was heady.

Bags packed, they got to the airport.

There it all went well, until trying to get onto the plane. There had been a mix up over seats. People were now sitting out of position and Mr. Neilson realised his carefully crafted plans were out of synch as he had planned for communication to be key throughout. People were now not next to the people he wanted them to be. They were out of position. Can’t be helped he thought, I have to stay positive. And he did.

On arrival at the other end, of course the bags went missing. Whilst they were in Italy the carefully crafted presents from the children, clean clothes and what they needed – notes, videos, laptops with evidence were all gone. They were going to have to present their case and swap stories, ill equipped though they had been well prepared. Mr. Neilson was a little rattled but can’t be helped he thought, I have to stay positive. And he continued to be so.

Then came the first session and the die was cast. Usually remarkably reliable Mr. Gordon, the gatekeeper of The Tiny Tots Tynecastle Nursery seemed to suffer from some sort of aneurysm. He was unable to remember much and on at least five occasions stumbled, mumbled and failed to make much sense to the Italian hosts. Everyone was shocked. Sure, he rallied at times and thanks to Mr. Humphrys the whole trip was not a total disaster as he managed to pull some dignity back early in the second day but nobody in the group arrived at the Florentine airport on the way back had much positive to say and the excitement of the European adventure was like a baw burst for atmosphere. Mr. Neilson was left to rescue the trip and stood to address the troops. “We spoke before the trip about being positive”, Mr. Neilson told the assembled group.

“When we met last Thursday night, we weren’t talking up the Nursery enough and during this trip we were up and at it, but against a very difficult and experienced group of people – they’re experienced specimens – you’ve got to double your effort and it wasn’t until the second half of the trip that we did that.” Just at that the airport announced over the tannoy a five hour delay for their flight. Everyone felt worse. Can’t be helped he thought, I have to stay positive. It was difficult, he finally admitted.

And now he has arrived at The Tiny Tots Tynecastle Nursery.

He is at the door of the office. It opens with nobody behind it and The Budge is seated behind the desk. Mr. Neilson is reminded that it is soon Hallowe’en before the door shuts behind him and…


Whilst the author, asserts his right to this as an original piece of work there is no Tiny Tots Tynecastle Nursery, unless you know differently, so this is clearly a piece of fiction, though Robbie Neilson did visit Italy and Florence during the week with his employees.

The fact is that during that trip , Hearts were soundly beaten 5-1 by Fiorentina. Hearts fell to a 4-0 half time deficit as Craig Gordon could do little to stop the rout. Stephen Humphrys did pull one back in the second half, but Gonzalez returned it to the four-goal difference from the penalty spot.

“We spoke before the game about being positive”, Neilson told BBC Scotland.

“We felt like last Thursday night we weren’t getting up the park enough and this game we were up and at it, but against a physical team – they’re physical specimens – you’ve got to double your effort and it wasn’t until the second half that we did that.”


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