New members – what is it all about?

Date: 29th January 2016

fakeLast night as we periodically do, we spoke through social media and asked those who were following us who had not joined to take 5 minutes to sign up .I am delighted to say that several people did which is great.

What did surprise us was we didn’t expect Mickey Mouse who is apparently a Hamilton Accies supporter or The Fake Fans Organisation with no members to seek to join us. Obviously we are delighted to have an iconic worldwide legend in Mickey join and it is interesting to hear that there is a fans organisation that is a fake out there.

Now we appreciate that we can’t be all things to all men but last April as there was no independent National Fans organisation representing Scottish Football fans we decided to form the SFSA. Thousand of hours of effort and donations have take us pretty far in a short space of time.Now if somebody out there thinks we are either Micky Mouse or Fake we are more than happy to put you in touch with the dozens of people who have helped us get this far. If you have gripe against us or what we are trying to do then join and get in touch. We might not be perfect but with a growing membership, a manifesto launch at Holyrood, a presentation to the Scottish MP’s at Westminster this coming month I can assure you we are certainly not fake or are we Micky Mouse. So sorry to say that for the first time since April Our membership will have to go down by 2 over the next few days.

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