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Date: 13th June 2020

The latest blog from Donald Stewart:

Pick a card, any card…

There are 52 weeks in a year, 52 cards in a pack and at least 28 days in every month. Numbers are certainties. Mathematics a pure science. If we want to measure something, we use a numerical scale. Right now, we have statistics falling out of our ears about infection rates, the importance of R and death by area.

But in football…

I remember that the simplicity of scoring one more than the opposition was the benchmark. Formulas about possession and numbers of corners or the crime count – I remember the Sunday Post’s obsession was all that it should never have been cracked up to be…

But now – 3-4-3 or 4-2-4 are passé.

It’s either a 14-10-10-10 or a 12-10-10-10 or a 14-14-18, with or without Colts, whether there may or may not be relegation, but there may always be jeopardy… unless you are not ready to jeopardiseyour own self-interest.

The number of options that have come from Ann Budge, Rangers or just the SPFL may have blown a gaping hole in the argument that our national game is safe in any blazer’s hands but it also highlights that there is a real need to take the bull by the horns and stop monkeying about.

Fans are ready to buy into supporting their club by buying season tickets.

The purchase of these comes hot on the heels of initiatives to allow fans to pour cash into the clubs to keep them alive – whether it be GoFundMe or just by simple donations or even as Dunfermline have done, sell face masks with their logo, this is a time when fans saw the plate and proudly stood on it.

As the ticket you buy will be charged at a league rate, as in what league you are going to find yourself and your club competing in, there is a massive need, now to have that resolved. All of this, league reconstruction, see you in court malarkey needs to stop. It is as credible as a Craig Levein excuse and we could do with simple clarity.

The longer it goes on and the longer we read about this club suggesting that or those clubs discussing this, before another consortium becoming a cabal and we are lost once more – it is just soul destroying.

For the record as an Ayr fan, I want to be in the second league and am happy with most of the options in front of me. I don’t much care if Falkirk and Partick are in it with me but the crowds they generate will make somebody happy. If they come out of the leagues below it shall mean that other clubs might not be so content that they miss that revenue but credit where credit is due. £3 Million for clubs from a philanthropist without a fixed odds punt to throw in a jersey is welcome – nay to be applauded. I shall even do so if Mr. Doncaster has managed that – might be through gritted teeth but if he has been the architect, I hope it shall stay up.

As for league reconstruction, I hope he is able to erect that too… If not, maybe Pele can help him with a wee blue pill…

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