Play Prostate Pundit and prove your a star

Date: 14th June 2018

Prove  your as good  as Shearer  and the rest of the pundits by playing our simple Pundit game.


Play for 1 match or the whole tournament!

Pick a match – make a suggestion for a score ( write it down so you don’t cheat) get your mates to do the same and if you predict the correct score you donate  that amount to Prostate Cancer charities. So if if you suggest Russia will beat Saudi Arabia 2-1 and that is the correct score you donate £3 . Save up all your donations ( keep a tally of what you are pledging until the end of the tournament and you all your friends can make a huge difference in the fight to save lives!

Please get all you pals to play too and get it out there on Social Media


Here at the SFSA we will put our score up for every match – starting with a today Russia 2 – Saudi Arabia

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