Playfair Qatar Weekend of Action – you can help

Date: 6th October 2016

Playfair Qatar Weekend of Action

How YOU can help

On the weekend of the 15th of October, football fans and trade unionists around the country will join together in calling on FIFA and Qatar to take urgent action to protect the rights and lives of the workers preparing the country to host the 2022 World Cup.
Qatar’s laws mean workers are effectively owned by their employers, so they can’t walk away from dangerous work. Now new laws mean employers can keep workers from leaving the country for up to five years.
Qatar is secretive, and independent researchers and journalists are harassed and even arrested when they investigate the treatment of workers, but Qatar’s own figures suggest that hundreds of young men may already have died building infrastructure required for the World Cup, with thousands more at risk as the major stadium building phase approaches.
The voice of football fans
We know that FIFA’s sponsors are rightly nervous about association with a World Cup built on the back of slavery and exploitation. By working with fans we can make them realise that sponsoring Qatar 2022 will – without urgent reform – be like sponsoring an oil slick.
The weekend of action
Fans will register their support for the campaign at games around the country, from Premiership clashes to keenly fought Sunday friendlies. We’ll also have bigger meet ups at Arsenal, Barnsley, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Newcastle and others that weekend.We’ll post updates at
If you can spare the time to support fans, or get your own fan action going at your club, contact us for some of our Playfair Qatar posters, use the reverse of this leaflet or print your own from our website, then take a photo with them at your game, either a selfie or with fellow fans, and send them to or tweet them using #playfairqatar
If you show your love of football by playing, not just watching, we’d love to get photos from teams, too.
If you’d like to get more involved in the campaign:
or tweet @playfairqatar
Playfair Qatar is supported by the TUC  the Football Supporters Federation and the Scottish Football Supporters Association

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