PRESS RELEASE: Heather Dewar and Hannah Bardell MP Join the SFSA Board!

Date: 28th May 2021

Building Bridges Between the Mens and Womens Game.

The SFSA are delighted to formally announce Heather Dewar and Hannah Bardell MP who have become the latest addition to the SFSA Board. Their position on the board will ensure the woman’s game and development of the sport across all genders are better represented in fans affairs.

– Hannah Bardell MP is a passionate supporter of Livingston FC and has been a strong advocate for women and LGBTQ+ members of the footballing community. Hannah famously preformed keepy-ups in the Westminster chamber with her Women’s Parliamentary Football Club colleagues.

– Heather Dewar is an esteemed sports journalist and presenter who has helped raise the popularity and representation of the women’s game in the media, becoming BBC Scotland’s first Woman’s Sport reporter in 2019. She hosts the BBC’s Women in Sport Podcast

With the addition of Ms. Bardell and Ms. Dewar to the SFSA Board, we hope we can help drive the ever-growing increase in popularity for the women’s game and help develop the women’s game at grassroots level, encouraging young girls to get involved with the sport.

By having fair representation for this growing market, we hope girls of all ages recognise their importance to the game and clubs across the country, whilst also encouraging clubs in the men’s game to do more to allow female fans to feel welcome and included as part of the match experience.

Hannah said. “I am delighted to be a part of the SFSA and help to do my bit to ensure fans of all backgrounds are represented in what is a male dominated industry. I am keen to help bring the voices of those who may feel under-represented to the centre of discussion.”

Heather also said: “I am excited to help further the development of the women’s game and build on the growing level of interest in the industry which I have worked hard to do during my career as a journalist. There is a great opportunity for the sport to thrive with girl’s involvement and interest growing and so I will do what I can to allow the importance of the female fan to be recognised.”

Heather and Hannah will play a vital role within the organisation as we hope to grow our current female membership of 8%. This will be in conjunction with the rise of interest within women’s football as a whole.











About SFSA:

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SFSA has over 76,000 members across three categories: individual fans, fan groups and affiliates. It is well placed to support and deliver innovative programmes that can use the power of football to enhance the community.

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