Queens fans told you can’t be trusted

Date: 21st February 2017

It was really sad to hear that the club does not want fans on the Board .The excuse being that they could not have fans on the Board because of threats that it might bring to confidentiality. What a load of rubbish! It is astonishing slur on the Queen of the South fans and on fans in general that in 2017 they are still being told to pay up but shut up. Maybe on the travels around Scottish Grounds the Board at Queens should talk to Directors at the like of Stenhousemuir, Stirling Albion, Clyde, East Stirling, Annan Athletic, Dunfermline Athletic, Motherwell and Hearts where fans play an active and valued contribution at Board level and guess what, are trusted to do so.

It adds insult to injury for the club to pretend it is interested in fan affairs by having a Supporter Liaison Officer ( SLO) appointed as some sort of token gesture to placate the fans.

We will of course work hard with our members the Queens Trust to show that fans can be trusted. After all they have been truning up and paying the money since 1919.

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