Reconstruction survey: Thank you

Date: 1st May 2020

In the world there can be very little like Scottish football. Whilst some people, in the midst of a pandemic, might glorify in the response we have had as we ask our neighbours if we can help, admire the people we know doing work as essential personnel or applaud weekly the key workers risking their own family’s health for our commonweal, whither the fitba.. People must be looking at the soap opera and thinking, how do they get away with it?

Now they know how fans feel…

Constantly left wondering…

Sitting outside the big glass window, trying to see inside…

And yet the fans are what put the glass up, built the walls around it and created the building inside for people to build the ivory tower upon which to sit. They are able to stand around, point at the oddities at the window and scorn their opinions.

Is it like this in the cold, harsh, world of real business?

Can you remember when coca cola decided to change the original recipe? The people who bought the cans, forced a change. Why? Because the hardhearted businessmen knew that the connection between the product and the purchaser was strong; they knew on what side of the ice cube their profit melted.

Anyone remember Gerald Ratner? The speech he gave when he called his own product, crap? It was hardly a positive move, and the plunging of his company into oblivion that followed, proved that he did not now on what side of his bling his profit was gilded.

In one case, the hardhearted, knew and in the other, they miscalculated…

Owner and chairman of Ayr United, Lachlan Cameron once told me, that he knew that if the future of Ayr United was at stake, there would be a thousand strong procession and not a petition mounted to save it.

In short, the customer has power.

And so we now hit a time in the history of our game when YOU, the fans, the clients, the customers, the lifeblood, the people should be central to the whole reorganisation. It is your pennies for the pies, your pounds for the season books, your enthusiasm as a crowd that sells the atmosphere, attracts the TV and makes the occasion special, that ought to give the people out there cause to concern themselves with your opinions.

At the SFSA, we believe that supporters, as the key stakeholders in our game, should have a say in any potential league reconstruction. It is for this reason that we ran our recent league reconstruction survey, so that supporters have a way in which to make their voices heard.

We were delighted at the level of engagement with 3,250 responses received. This has no doubt contributed to our recent surge in new memberships, seeing in excess of 1,600 new members in the space of a week.

The SFSA gives a massive thank you to everyone that took part in the survey or helped to share it on social media.

The findings have now been passed to the SPFL task force for consideration.

Full results and press release


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