SFSA sign Prof. Gordon P. McNeil to our writing team

Date: 31st October 2016

SFSA sign Prof. Gordon P. McNeil to our writing team

Were has football come from, where is it going , should footballers be consuming less sugar and the big bang theory as it has applies to football! The SFSA is delighted to welcome to our writing team the colourful scientific and totally unique world according to Professor Gordon P. McNeil. Nothing has ever been like this before and we will offer you the opportunity to visit the surreal world of the Professor in the coming weeks and months ahead!

Gordon P. McNeil is Professor of Archaeology and Paleo-anthropology at St. Andrews University, Fife, Scotland. In recent years Professor McNeil has stunned the world of evolutionary science by claiming that man evolved bipedalism to play football, and that Homo passiens – Man the Footballer, is the founder species of the genus Homo and Homo sapiens is a recent offshoot and sub-species. Mike McInnes has written a book on the subject – Homo Passiens: Man the Footballer, to be published in the new year. Irvine Welsh has kindly allowed the SFSA to publish his FORWARD to the book, in advance of publication.

Image copyright Mike Kenyon with thanks

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