SFSA Statement: 10/4/2020

Date: 10th April 2020

Today, the 10th April 2020, The Scottish Football Supporters Association has released the following statement:


The SFSA, Scotland’s independent national football supporters’ organisation, has confirmed that it will be writing to the Scottish football authorities to give its views on current events.


Andy Smith, chair of the SFSA, said: “In a very short period of time our membership has grown dramatically, and it seems only appropriate that we supporters across Scotland have better representation.


We believe that at this important juncture, the value of supporters’ contribution to the game should be recognised by allowing our input. We believe it is essential that whatever decisions are made by football authorities, that no clubs should be harmed by events that are out with their control.


Whilst we accept that this is a complex situation, and that Scottish Football Authorities should take the lead from UEFA decisions. If a review of football senior league structure is part of this process, this should not be done behind closed doors. It is critical that as key stakeholders of the game, we have an input to the decision-making process”


Paul Goodwin, co-founder and national coordinator of SFSA, added: “We have seen a range of reconstruction proposals already but none of these has discussed the biggest issue we have heard consistently from football supporters over the past 10 years.  That is, they don’t want to watch league games against the same teams four times in a season. If reconstruction is now in the offing it is essential that Scottish football supporters’ views are heard”.



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