SFSA statement: 13/5/2020

Date: 13th May 2020


13th of May 2020

If you always do what you’ve always done you’ll only get what you had before.

The 42 Scottish SPFL clubs have now cast their votes.

The resolution for an independent enquiry defeated.

Clubs got a ten-minute zoom conference and then effectively told to move along now and work together.

Only that is not what the fans want.

In a time of unprecedented turmoil with zero revenue coming into our clubs fan research showed clearly they as stakeholders want


  • Bigger leagues,
  • The pyramid to be respected
  • Definite plans put on hold till more is known about what a post Coronavirus (COVID-19 ) season might be.
  • And a whole bunch of elephants in the football room to be addressed


Ignoring Isn’t Bliss

84% of fans believe they are not listened to or valued as customers by those running our game and that if post Coronavirus (COVID-19) we revert to the same structures then all we will be doing is managing a self-interest driven decline.


Clubs voting yesterday hasn’t resolved anything.

Our game and our clubs are still wheeching down the slippiest steepest slope to the biggest full-blown crisis our game has ever seen.

The fall-out from Scottish Football’s very own Good Friday Disagreement is now a poisonous civil war with no sign of stopping.


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