SFSA submission to the Scottish Govt re Offensive Behaviour Act

Date: 23rd October 2016

There is a consultation on the repeal of this act. Our position is quite clear that we are against any legislation that targets only football fans. Below you can read the response that we submitted to the Scottish Government.


The SFSA is the national fans organisation for Scotland and is part of the wider Football Supporters Europe movement that represents fans in our continent. We believe that all fans have rights and with those rights they have responsibilities to themselves, their fellow fans, to the club they follow and to the wider community. We do accept that for some “fans” this concept of responsibility is a challenge.

We do not approve of any legislation that specifically targets one group of individuals, in this case football fans. It is our view that looking at this legislation in isolation would be an opportunity missed and potentially be counter productive. It is our view that an alternative solution is sought to address these behaviour problems. We believe that fans deserve a far bigger say in what happens to the sport they love and that now is the time for serious issues such as this to be addressed through far more ambitious interaction with supporters – the key stakeholders. There are already too many divisions in the game we love and something innovative requires to be put in place to show the ‘majority’ that we understand the problem and can work together to resolve it. This should be out with party politics and be a cross party decision supporting whatever initiative is agreed by the group to try to resolve this problem and make football a community, friendly environment.

We are calling on the Scottish Government to work with us at the SFSA, to show leadership, to look beyond this specific legislation and to produce a far reaching innovative long term solution that puts football supporters at the heart of the game .Now is the time to bypass the many divisions that we supporters currently have to endure, by creating a different positive landscape that helps attract fans to our grounds.

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