Date: 6th October 2016

The Scottish Football Supporters Association was founded in April 2015 with the desire to become a movement for change that believed that through the collective support of key stakeholders (fans) it could help renew, reform and reclaim the game.
Football Governance at the very top of the game at FIFA and UEFA has been shown to be at best poor and as worst corrupt. In Scotland we have seen the abuse of power at many of our leading clubs over the past few years and the inability of the football authorities to take the game forward at club or international level. The level of actual engagement with fans surround key issues is virtually non-existent in an industry that manages and governs itself in a members club mentality. These facts ensures that self-interest is more important than innovation or progress and as a result our game is in decline.
After a solid year of development and progress the SFSA is now in a position where it will seek to take forward the key proposals from its manifesto. We are an organisation made in Scotland with an independent purpose and desire to galvanise fans into a cohesive unit to ensure better representation at all levels of the game. As members of Football Supporters Europe – offering a different dimension to the issues surrounding the game.
As a volunteer run organisation our growth and success will be dependant on the input of football fans at all clubs. We have a fantastic experienced network of individuals and companies on board and we are now seeking to enhance our “staff” volunteer team. We can’t offer any pay but we will be able to offer career assistance in football, access to a growing network and significant job experience aligned to the knowledge you will be helping transform Scottish Football.

Web development team

Our web presence is growing and with over 64,000 members and key partnerships pending we are looking for developers who want to keep driving change and help us build a better platform for our members.
Social media and campaigns team
How do we get better engagement with our members and our affiliate partners. Are you a smart creative social media guru or want to be one! We need your skills to make sure we are constantly on message and building our membership and to help make the campaigns we launch work!

Marketing and sponsorship team

Got great ideas for promoting an ailing but historically significant industry, do you love our game with a passion? Could you develop ideas from a blank piece of paper and sell in the concept to your fellow fans. We are looking for marketers both long in the tooth and young whippersnappers to help us build new campaigns and sponsorships.

Communications Team

With a growing membership that needs to be engaged on a regular basis we are looking for a team of people with the knowledge and experience of communicating with a lot of people. You need to also be able to work with our other teams to ensure that your messages and theirs are prioritised and delivered across all the channels.
Market research manager
With the biggest segmented database in European football there is much that can be done to add value for us as an organisation as well as for potential sponsors and marketing partners. If you know your way around consumer research and data and love football then get in touch.

Journalist and Broadcast team

With a plan to develop our own range of broadcast outputs in association with our affiliate partners we are looking to recruit journalistic talent to drive content across all platforms, web, social, newspaper and radio. If you have years worth of experience help step forward and mentor our young journalist talent that has already joined.

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