Staying positive: the good our clubs are doing during this crisis

Date: 26th March 2020

With the entire country now entering lockdown, one of the few reasons allowing you to leave the house is to help those that are from the most vulnerable demographic of the population. With this, clubs across the nation have once again been showing their worth to their local communities by helping vulnerable groups such as the elderly and those with a disability.

The following is just a few examples of our clubs doing good in their communities, from across the country.

Nairn County went viral for all the right reasons for a statement they issued last week. They spoke of how they had been saved by their local community when they hit financial troubles a few years ago and how it is now time for them to repay this debt. They have committed to donating cash reserves to support local businesse’s cash flows and offered to advertise them for free via their social media platforms. In addition, the club has even offered to help older supporters by doing their shopping or by walking their dogs.

Falkirk have teamed up with other local businesses such as Behind the Wall and Patrick’s of Camelon to put together food parcels for elderly supporters, so that they don’t have to risk making a trip to the shops. Staff from the club then personally delivered the parcels to members of the senior bairns supporters club, to the delight of those helped by it.

Stenhousemuir have been busy operating their community support initiative, in which any support possible is given to vulnerable supporters. Staff and volunteers at the club have been hard at work dog walking, shopping and picking up prescriptions for those in need.

Livingston are currently donating 40 free meals a day to charity, so that those who can’t get access to food during this crisis are able to remain fed. The club chef has continued to work despite the majority of staff staying at home, so that this can be made possible. The meals are paid for by the players and other staff who pay a monthly contribution towards food at the club and have decided to keep paying this despite remaining at home.

These small but thoughtful acts of kindness illustrate the symbiotic relationships we have with our clubs. If we look after them, they will look after us. We must return the favour and support our clubs as best we can in the coming months.

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