Supporters coming together for their clubs

Date: 13th April 2020

In last weeks newsletter, we featured a story celebrating the charitable work of our clubs during the COVID-19 crisis as they came together to help their communities. We felt it was important to recognise their efforts and highlight their continuing worth to their local areas.

We also feel that it is equally important to celebrate the contributions made by supporters to help our clubs through this tough time. Therefore, we have compiled this article detailing some of the actions taken by fans from across the country, who are once again proving themselves to be the lifeblood of Scottish football.

Please do get in touch with any additional efforts made by your clubs supporters if it isn’t featured here.


Motherwell’s Well Society has seen a surge in membership, taking their overall total to over 3,000 all paying monthly contributions to help finance the club.

We previously promoted Livingston’s operating fund, where supporters can sign up to pay monthly donations in return for club shares to be issues in the summer. The club has recently spoke of how delighted they are at the response from their support, with over 200 signing up to contribute over £6,000 a month.

Hibernian have been one of the numerous clubs that have brought forward their season ticket campaigns to ease cash flow. They have seen an impressive 3,000 plus sold so far despite the tough times being experienced by supporters.


Ayr United’s au500 fund has seen a significant rise in donations, taking their total money raised for the season to over £35,000. Last week the fund donated £10,000 straight to the playing budget for next season.

Arbroath supporters have been busy purchasing shares at the club as well as bricks at Gayfield, providing crucial additional revenue for their club when they need it the most.

Queen of the South supporters group, the Barflies have made the effort to bring forward their annual donation of £9,000, which goes towards the club’s youth development system.

League 1

Raith Rovers supporters have displayed their loyalty to their club by smashing their £25,000 crowdfunding target in only a few days. This led to a fresh target of £50,000 being set, which supporters are now also drawing close to.

Like their Angus neighbours Arbroath, Forfar supporters have been providing great additional funding for their club through purchasing club shares.

East fife supporters have eased past their go fund me page target of £5,000, leading to a new £10,000 target being set. So far the supporter’s total sits at over £6,000.

League 2

Edinburgh City fans have also set up a just giving page with over £5,000 donated so far.

Albion rovers have done similar with in excess of £10,000 being raised so far for the Coatbridge outfit.

Elgin supporters have responded well to a push from the club to sell bricks at Borough Briggs. In addition, a just giving page has seen donations of over £6,000.

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